Perfect gift: Beformal beddings

Often I found myself in difficulty for some people looking for the perfect gift. For example, next week we have to go visit some friends and of course not with empty hands. They moved into his new house so I want to watch some bedding online, maybe 3D because they are special. I must keep in mind that I do not know how they decorated the house , so the colors should be neutral … to go about anything. It will be a pretty tough choice, I like a lot of color !

Searching on internet I had the great surprise and joy to find bedding from beformal online with very good prices. I will chose one for us. Even if I risk the collection of beddings, nothing at how beautiful the best throw of the old and surly, received the wedding and replacing them with some beformal beddings.

Now, I want to know and what you think you should choose. If they had children I think it was much easier to choose but how do they … Most models I liked beddings from this category which are made ​​of a very thick cotton satin. For my room I liked this model? What do you think ?11006494_1

To them we chose two models first, and then I will try to decide on one. I liked this nocturnal landscape, the swan look very beautiful in moonlight. What do you think? I… love it!10998079_1

The other choice would be this model, classic but very different. Black and white match the combination of colors, although I do not think I’ll have surprises…  I do not think it matters so much color or pattern. What do you think ?11004054_1

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